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Energy Savings Calculator

Potential Home Energy Savings*

Our Current Customers are saving an average of $1,600 per year off their energy bills

Upgrading to a High Efficient Heat Pump can SAVE YOU MONEY

Existing Furnace (15 Years or Older)

New Air Source Heat Pump

with Air Conditioner

(High Efficiency 9 HSPF 15 SEER)

Annual Energy Cost

Annual Energy Cost






Natural Gas












Heat Pump




Average Savings


*  Potential energy savings are based on an average size (1,900 SqFt) home in the
Willamette Valley. Your Savings will vary. Santiam Heating cannot guarantee the exact
results. With that said, some of our customers have experienced more and some a
little less. Calculations were achieved using PGE's Energy Comparison Tool.
Santiam Heating and Sheetmetal works with Coleman products in Sublimity OR.
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